Biosecurity — the biology of control

Biological life is now at the center of state power — and this will dictate all future agendas. Forms of biopolitical authority are currently acting as agents of the State, whether they are governmental or non-governmental bodies, which aligns with a twenty-first century medical totalitarianism. Biopower and biopolitics, along with biocapital and biosecurity, are combining to create a totalized and singular form of power. In terms of collective humanity, this involves the biopoliticizing of the human race in order to develop new forms of management which have as their goal making populations live in ‘productive ways’ as well as insuring against random and/or planned revolt. To be clear on this, the globalist biopolitical agenda is the formation of control societies and the rendering of human life as ‘docile bodies’ that have no resistance against State intervention. To frame human life under a regime of total biopolitical power, the State authorities must also render conscious life under its rule. That is, what we ‘think’ is a part of what we physically ‘are’ and, as such, is also under their jurisdiction. By literally being born, the State automatically assumes the power to dictate human conscious thinking. From this perspective, we can see why current censorship — internet censorship and the curtailing of free speech — has been so dominant and heavy-handed. After all, total power requires total domination. This means not only external control over an individual’s body but also to interiorize this control — both mentally (conditioning, programming) and biologically (health treatment, vaccination).

The biopolitical agenda also incorporates non-state bodies to enact their strategies — most notably philanthropic organizations, social pressure groups, NGOs, and assorted globalist organizations. The biopolitical field has been extended from annual health check-ups, health insurance, and preventive medicine to now incorporate the Covid-19 pandemic measures of random testing, forced isolation, and the coming vaccination plans. All human life has now been ‘biopoliticized’ in the attempt to eradicate not our health risks but all the once neutral, or safe, zones of life. There is no refuge from the reach of biopolitics when both the exterior and interior life fall under the jurisdiction of total State control. A person’s body, health, and happiness — even a person’s right to their ‘individual sovereign self’ — is now regarded as within the realm of authoritarian biopower. Biopower and biopolitics is a dangerous mix of narratives based upon a monopoly of so-called ‘scientific knowledge.’ In our current times, biopolitical strategies are clearly linked to a new state of high-tech biosecurity.

A State of Biosecurity

The biopower politics of ‘control over life’ backed by technologies of biocapitalism gives rise to draconian measures of State biosecurity. There is no biopolitics which is not simultaneously also a security apparatus. Similarly, there is no biosecurity which is not a systemic form of regulation. State biopower is exercising a corruptive potential to hold human life hostage. This includes the potential of utilizing biosecurity measures to expose and restrain those individuals who make a choice to resist the forces of biopower over their lives.

State institutions the world over are attempting to define themselves as a sole monopoly over the use of force to ensure biosecurity over the population. Non-state actors are also being brought in as institutionalized, and thus sanctioned, players and actors in this monopoly. On 18th March 2020, the Governor-General of Australia declared that a ‘human biosecurity emergency’ exists. This declaration gave the Minister for Health unprecedented power to issue any requirement or direction under the Biosecurity Act 2015. For example, during the human biosecurity emergency period the Health Minister may issue any direction to any person and determine any requirement the State considers is necessary to prevent or control the spread of Covid-19 in Australia. Each and all individuals must comply with the emergency requirements. Any person found engaging in conduct that ‘contravenes a requirement or a direction’ can face a maximum penalty of imprisonment for five years and/or a fine of 300 penalty units ($63,000).[1] Similar measures are now in place, or being put in place, in other countries where people found engaging in ‘contravening behavior’ are liable for immediate fines and prison sentences.

In the new biosecurity regime, no-one is granted liberty unless they succumb to the new rules of ‘immunity jurisdiction.’ These jurisdictions are likely to soon include the need for a type of ‘immunity passport.’ The anticipated immunity passport will create totally reconfigured spaces of mobility and access where travel, public and social events, and state services may be closed to those who, without verified biosecure immunity, are persona non grata. Travel within nation states and across international boundaries may only become possible through a highly regulated architecture of surveillance and on-body tracking. If a person does not submit their live bio-data, then mobility will be disallowed or highly curtailed. The early signs of this exercise of biosecurity is already emerging in States such as Singapore where the tagging of citizens is the first wave of bio-surveillance.[2]

Biosecurity will continue to engage in its newfound power to restructure the totality of social life, and to intrude upon the bodies of the human population as well as upon human consciousness. The danger here is that such draconian strategies go towards enforcing a ‘mute life’ upon individuals, disallowing them the basic rights of testimony and protest. Such biosecurity measures are nothing less than the power of authoritarian dictatorship operating through the false façade of health and safety. Human biological life is being merged with the physical-digital structures of State biopower to reconfigure the most important question of all — what is a human life?

What is a Human Life?

We are moving perilously toward a recombinant future where, in the words of one CEO, ‘Humans are biohazards, machines are not.’[3] The citizen is now subjected to an external authority in ways that never before could be achieved. Biopower is reconstituting how humans are being targeted as objects — or ‘units’ — to be controlled, with our bodies as well as our minds, as the new colonies to be conquered. The danger facing us is a future without a core humanity — only units under a regime of a digitally-managed biopower.

Does this mean that the only way to be exempt from this is to renounce one’s citizenship — to be a ‘non-citizen’? Could such a stateless place exist in the contemporary world? Will this trigger the rise of new people’s republics? In the light of recent events we are compelled to ask ourselves — what is an authentic human? Is it possible to live authentically when subjected to the external power regimes of authority that deny a person their individual sovereignty?

We should recognize also that there exists the ‘biopower’ of the human collective that stands in opposition to top-down State intervention. As individuals, we also have a very real human power. The politics of life are fast being used against us to develop the docile bodies that the globalist ‘Great Reset’ agenda seeks in order to roll out its technocratic future. It is no overstatement to say that the future of humanity is on the table. How the next years unfold will determine not only the direction of our human future but also, importantly, how human our future will be. As a human family it seems some have forgotten the Hippocratic oath that states: ‘Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course.’ The very politics of life (and death) are being usurped for an agenda that shows little, if no, human compassion and fellowship. State biopower is concerned with power over life rather than life itself. And it is this that makes it profoundly disturbing and of great danger to a human-based future. The ‘Great Reset’ may speak of renewal and recalibration yet it speaks of an age that is void of the very core qualities of being human in a living, organic world. Each one of us is now being asked to face this central question: What does being human mean to me? Hopefully from the answer to this question we can each find our own source of power and inner strength.

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[The original extended version of this essay first appeared in New Dawn magazine]



[3] See my previous essay — Post-Pandemic Landscapes



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